Weekend at home

I haven’t had a weekend or a day or even sat down much since Easter. So after working Saturday, I had two whole days which I decided should be spent at home (thanks to the Queen’s birthday long weekend). I have had a cold all week and a rest is really needed at the moment.

Garden seat under the tree

Garden seat under the tree

My quiet weekend at home of course is not really that at all. I started the day with a walk to warm up and then my little exercise routine to make sure I can do all the things I want to do. I figured if I got tired I could have a sleep later on and got the all the household chores done as well before 8am

The big job this weekend was to complete a job application which is quite a challenge addressing all the selection criteria blah blah blah. One drawback of wanting a fancy job I suppose. As soon as that was done ‘bout 2.30 I had to quickly jump on my bike and give it a run, just to make sure both it and me were still in working order.

When I was driving home from work on Saturday evening, I saw a bonfire lit across the way and remembered that it was Bonfire night weekend! That thought hadn’t really registered before, so I got to thinking what we could do. We could light the pizza oven, that hasn’t gone for quite a while, or maybe we could have a little fire to celebrate just like old times. Then the next question is what to cook while the fire is going, you can’t waste an opportunity like that. Mmmm jaffles, been a long time. OK that would be a great way to finish Sunday. I then had the inevitable request to mind one or more of the grandkids which is really not a big deal, they can sit around the fire with us too. I did fit in a little snooze in the sun after lunch. One great thing about winter is that the sun is not so blazing that you can’t sit out in it. I lay down near the tree in the backyard and was watching the native mynas, when their tone suddenly changed. Looking up I saw a small hawk coming, all the birds around changed their calls until he had disappeared. Even the chooks decided to head home.

Sunday, or rather Monday, was going to be a gardening day. So many jobs have been neglected lately. Weeding, mulching, trimming you get the picture and I had a brand new compost rotating bin thingy that had to be started. Then I harvested my first crop from my rhubarb and made a yummy cake, just the thing for a Sunday/Monday. Lisa reminded me that she had the light Sussex chickens for me, so I had better clean out the other chook pen so they could come home. We now have twice as many chickens as before, and another rooster. Hopefully this means some nice home grown chicken for dinner soon.

Looking forward to an early night before another week. At least this week is much shorter than the last two weeks and another fun weekend coming up.