President’s Run

Grandpa doesn’t have a real job, he gets paid to play with vintage cars all day. These are real vintage, pre-1930, or preferably pre-1918. His boss has plenty of cars in his collection, so we got to spend the weekend driving around the countryside in a 1915 Studebaker. Because it is his job, he is the one they all call on when something doesn’t work, so he spent Friday afternoon trying to diagnose problems in someone’s old car.

Saturday was a much better day and all the cars made it through the run. It was a glorious late winters’ day and Grandpa and I finally got to spend a whole day together. We all met to begin the run nice and early in the morning and after a bit of pushing and fiddling, all the cars, bar one, were off. At our morning tea stop we were joined by a 1912 Baker Electric car which was having a trial run. The battery setup looked very 21st century but the body was definitely early 20th century. It managed to do about 30kms before needing a recharge which was pretty impressive.

There were other cars from the very pretty to the downright daggy, as well as drivers young and old.

There was another run to get to our lunch stop at a farm and after lunch, there were games for the cars and drivers. It wasn’t really long enough to work up an appetite for high tea but we managed anyway.

At the end of the day, the owner says, just go out by the back gate and through the paddock! I didn’t know how some of the car owners would react to that because they can be a bit precious about dust. Not to mention opening 5 gates and crossing a dam but it was actually rather beautiful and peaceful and even kangaroos munching on the crops.

We admired some remnant Cumberland Plain woodland and were sad that the land has been sold and will be covered in houses in the not too distant future.

Great North Walk #3

How far

How far

I was lucky to have a day off in the middle of the week and do stage 9 of the Great North Walk, Wondabyne to Kariong. A lovely cool day and an easy walk, about 14km. Another early start but it was good to drive down the freeway and not be on my way to work.

We caught the train to Wondabyne and were greeted by Glossy black cockatoos feeding in the trees as we started up the hill. Continue reading