Great North Walk #3

How far

How far

I was lucky to have a day off in the middle of the week and do stage 9 of the Great North Walk, Wondabyne to Kariong. A lovely cool day and an easy walk, about 14km. Another early start but it was good to drive down the freeway and not be on my way to work.

We caught the train to Wondabyne and were greeted by Glossy black cockatoos feeding in the trees as we started up the hill. Continue reading

Wirrimbirra wander

Well, today I got out into the bush again! Third time in one week. Today’s challenge was to find and remark some tracks at Wirrimbirra Sanctuary near Bargo.IMGP0270

The tracks had not been used for a very long time and so were getting very indistinct and grown over. We had a basic mud map and were looking for little numbered plaques marking where tracks joined and then tried to find where the tracks went. The little numbered plaques were a bit difficult to find and there were other signs, on the ground and they were even harder to find.

IMGP0264This is a project of my friend Paula. Some botanists from the Botanic Gardens are coming to look for a rare plant – Pomaderris Brunnea. I remember going on a walk to find more of this plant along the Nepean River near Camden and the one specimen that they had found was safely enclosed in a wire enclosure to keep it safe from rabbits, goats, deer and wombats and wallabies. There is already a very rare plant in this sanctuary, a white waratah, hiding in a secret location, so they must think they will be lucky and find this one as well. Good luck to them.
I remember coming to this place while in Primary school for an excursion. It is not a very big piece of land and is dissected by the main southern railway line and at that time the Hume Highway. Today, I learnt some history, apparently there was a coach stop here and there are some ruins marked and a well, still full of water. It was also a favourite haunt of bushrangers too, hiding in the Bargo brush.
IMGP0267 IMGP0269
We didn’t make it all the way around, so we can come back another time and maybe find the elusive white waratah. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
IMGP0251 IMGP0255