Norton Basin, Nepean River

It is time to take my pack for a walk to acclimatise myself for my next few walks. So I packed in what was on my list but not any food yet. I had done some training walks up Mt Alexandra but we decided that it was time for a change.


It is not very far down a badly washed out track to Norton’s Basin on the Nepean River. From the car park and all the way down there was rubbish strewn all around. Everything from empty beer cans, small children’s thongs and items of clothing to a wrecked car. Down the bottom, it is such a pretty spot, apart from the incredible amount of rubbish again. It would only have accumulated since the flood last June, dirty pigs. Fancy going to all the effort of carrying down a carton of beer and then not bothering about taking anything back with you, or taking your Chinese takeaway to eat it cold down there. There is no telling what goes on in other people’s minds.


We walked up river for a way and admired the rapids and cliffs, then turned around to walk down river.

We didn’t know how far it was to where the Nepean met the Warragamba River and there wasn’t much of a track, so we set off to find out. There were many trees bowled over in last year’s flood to crawl under and rocks to scramble.

I had my tent and sleeping bag in my pack and was very tempted to stay awhile but I couldn’t leave Grandpa at home alone. It was beautiful and quiet and the scenery was great but we weren’t alone.  There were plenty of blokes fishing in boats who had come up from Penrith and were taking part in a fishing competition along the Nepean.

We found a spot for a snack and even though it would have been nice to keep on walking, we will come back to explore further another time (when we can spend the night). There were some other tracks coming down the hill, so we took a different route back and got back to the car pretty quickly.


Next weekend is Clean Up Australia Day. I don’t know if it would be worthwhile getting a big group of people with lots of garbage bags to go down there and clean up. It would be probable that the next weekend it would be back to the same condition anyway. One thing I was glad about is that I felt pretty good carrying my pack and am off for a three day walk next weekend!



2 thoughts on “Norton Basin, Nepean River

  1. If there is one thing I miss about Penrith and it’s surrounds, it’s the Nepean River and the Blue Mountains.

    Much has changed since I left for warmer climes in ’89, but it still has a place in my heart and I guess it always will.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  2. Thanks Ghost! You’re right, a lot has changed and it hasn’t finished yet, though those special places are still there and hopefully will continue that way. It would be much better if people would learn to respect it and not trash it.


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