Bundanoon walk

I look at the calendar of walks from the National Parks Association and so many are on during the week, there must be a lot of retired bushwalkers. I took my day off to coincide with a walk down the Bundanoon gully in Morton National Park. Bundanoon is a town I have been to many times, but never to do a walk down the gorge. It is part of the same geology as the Blue Mountains but not quite as spectacular.

In true retiree fashion, we met a 9.30am and then sorted out cars and made our way to the start of the walk. Firstly though, was a bit of morning tea. Then the walk began.

First a look from Riverview lookout over Bundanoon Creek, then down the cliff edge to the Ampitheatre, a big sandstone overhang.

We continued down the track which was wet underfoot and from the cliff overhead. Water dripping from the rocks making a lovely microclimate for ferns and leeches.

Our aim was Fairy Bower Falls only half way down the gully. This was the lunch stop and plenty of time to admire this really pretty place. I will definitely have to come back and do the other walks and go down to the creek and explore more.

Then, there was only a short but steep climb back up to the car park where one of the group had left his car. The drivers retrieved their cars and we returned to our meeting place.  A really enjoyable walk of about 6km.




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