Blue Gum Forest walk

For someone who loves bushwalking so much I am really surprised that I have done so few walks in the Blue Mountains. I love the spectacular scenery and sandstone cliffs and all the bush. This was a group walk with NPA.

The day started rather misty and there was distinct promise of rain and storms but there was a good sized group ready to go, so that’s what we did. We left from Govett’s Leap and headed down the steps and down and down.

The vertical cliffs were a delight to walk under and get dripped on from above, they looked like the hanging gardens and waterfalls. We followed the creek down through the valley until we reached the Blue Gum Forest. The sun had come out by now and we had lunch. No sooner had we finished lunch than we were treated to a quick thunderstorm and some more rain.

It was magic to be down there in the valley with the high cliffs all around.

We retraced our steps back up along the creek. There was plenty of water flowing down the creeks after the storm and plenty of wet track but then I remembered that my boots are actually waterproof so that made it easier just sloshing through instead of trying to keep out of the water.

The afternoon wore on and we kept walking up and up. The blurb when they advertise these walks states the distance and amount of ascent/descent and this walk said 350m. I checked the map when I got home and it was more like 700m, no wonder my legs were starting to feel tired.

It got later and darker and colder and we became the slowest pair. By the time we finished back up at Govett’s Leap the sun was setting and it was freezing. I had brought some spare clothes just in case and was very glad to get warmer as we were still damp after coming back under the dripping cliff. It’s always great fun when you are finished, will have to come back for another walk soon.


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