Cooma Coolness

It was great to be able to organise a four day weekend and join the pensioners. The Cooma Monaro Historic Car Club runs the Girder Fork rally for the old bikes in October but last year started a rally for pre-1960 cars. Well, we now have the MG and haven’t taken it for a long run, so we were in. Some friends and club members were going also, so there would be lots of chat whenever we stopped for cuppas and fuel.

We left the Top of Razorback and followed the side roads through the Southern Highlands avoiding the highway as usual. The weather was great and the car was running like a charm. How sweet it is to have a Friday off, it feels more special.  I had spent quite a bit of time thinking about an outfit to wear in the MG 1936 style. I have my grandmother’s rabbit fur, culottes which are better for getting in and out of the car (and which are actually in fashion at the moment) and a cute hat leftover from my chemo episode.


There were five cars, our MG TA, an MGA, Chrysler, Model A Ford and Morris. We tried out some bakeries and cafes along the way at Exeter and Bungendore, travelling on our stomachs as usual. We arrived at our motel in Cooma to hear that one car had collided with a kangaroo who sadly didn’t live to tell the tale.


Saturday morning dawned rather frosty and chilly. It soon warmed up after we set off on our run to Dalgety and Bombala, so we put the roof down to really enjoy the whole day. Another wildlife encounter saw the MGA narrowly miss a feral deer. At the lunch stop there was voting for your favourite car and later at the dinner., guess whose car was voted #1 car of the rally, OURS. Can’t argue with that.


Sunday was just a short run to Berridale to finish the rally for those heading home today. All of our group were staying til Monday, so we kept driving to Jindabyne, back through Dalgety then a back road to Cooma. We love this road through wide open Monaro plains and bushy hills.

It also goes through what must have been an old settlement, with a lovely old church and a very impressive house which just happened to be for sale at the moment. The little car looks good parked outside, doesn’t it?


Monday morning was frosty again and we left earlier so it was a bit chilly. I started thinking about how cold it will be on the bike when we leave on our BIG trip. It sooned warmed up though and we had another trouble-free run home. What a great little car, it only used about 2 litres of oil the first day, but it is still running in…




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