A new bushwalker

All the kids have now gone back to school but during the holidays I managed one bushwalk with my six year old granddaughter Matilda. I found the perfect walk nearby, not too long or hard and very interesting. Cave Creek walk is near Hilltop and goes down to a creek which has worn its way through and under the rock making a ‘cave’ or more like a tunnel. It’s dark enough to think you’re in a cave and need a torch to find your way through. Grandpa thought we should have company so joined us, which made the day even more impressive.CaveCreek1

The weather had been rather hot, so we started early in the cool of the morning. We packed supplies for our big trek, peanut butter sandwiches and drinks and made sure we all had hats and sunscreen, cause we need to start good habits young. I even took the first aid kit!CaveCreek2

We read the sign and started down the track. The bush changed as we walked down towards the creek from dry eucalypts to ferns and it got cooler and I changed from keeping my eyes open for snakes to leeches. Thankfully, we saw neither.CaveCreek3

First you come to the top side where the creek flows into the cave and recent rain meant that there was at least some water flowing in the creek. We walked in as far as possible and pretended to be adventurous.CaveCreek5

Then back to the track and down to where it goes under a rocky overhang along the creek and so cool. Where the creek exits the cave is a small waterfall and some vintage graffiti.CaveCreek14

We stopped and had our snack and had the place to ourselves. A little splinter meant that I could use the first aid kit.

Matilda decided she really liked bushwalking, which is a good thing. When my friend and I hike with our packs and they feel too heavy we talk about who we could get to carry some of the load for us. This is when grandkids could come in handy, will have to work on the boys as well, though that might be a bit harder.CaveCreek4

We started on our way back and there was lots of games of hide and seek and see who could frighten the other the most. I think Grandpa won that game, Matilda couldn’t find a big enough tree, we could still see her hat either side. Next time the walk will have to be longer than 2km to see if she will ever stop talking. Somehow I don’t think so, but that doesn’t really matter.CaveCreek12


We finished the morning by stopping at Thirlmere Lakes to check if there was still any water in them. There is still a lot less than there used to be when her mum was a kid but we could go there next time for a walk or a paddle with the rest of the family. One bad thing happened today, I think my camera has died, so some of the photos are pretty dodgy. Another thing to buy before our trip.


2 thoughts on “A new bushwalker

  1. This made me remember the adventures I would take my own children on when they were young. It was so much fun watching them explore and see the excitement on their faces. Matilda is a doll and I’m looking forward to taking my own granddaughter on such adventures.


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