Not the Snowy Ride


Some years we do the Snowy Ride, a fundraiser motorcycle ride through the Snowy Mountains and sometimes we do Mel’s Angels “Not the Snowy Ride ride”. Last year the Not the Snowy ride was to Oberon and this year to Thredbo, a four day weekend, organised by Mel for two days riding around Thredbo and then down the coast and home.

Paula suggested a walk up to Mt Kosciuszko for the second day at Thredbo while the others went for a ride. That was a good idea to ‘bag a peak’. We had a few others join us and we took the easier option on the chairlift up to the top of Thredbo.


That still meant a climb of over 900 metres to the top. It is an easy walk, all along a steel walkway to protect all the alpine plants.


I have done a few bushwalks in the last month and thought this would be a piece of cake but I started puffing as soon as we started walking. How can this be? There are not any proper big mountains in Australia and the top of Kosciuszko is only 2 228 metres but obviously it was enough to make a difference to me.


I love looking at mountains and there is always a little patch a snow at the top and some ice and snow patches along the way. The weather has been hot at home but here of course it is much cooler and the temperature at night was down to zero, so we had a chilly start and then a lovely sunny day.


The track took us past the highest toilet in the country at Rawson’s Pass, a well camouflaged bunker. Virginia was well prepared when we got to the top, on her bucket list was to have a beer at the top.


We took plenty of photos and admired the view, thinking that a longer walk might be good next year in spring time.


The walk back down was easy but hopping back onto the chair lift to go down was scary. Mountain biking is the big thing to do and we watched these crazy guys on the tracks down the mountain.


We all arrived back at the lodge in good time to get to the pub for some dinner and try our luck in the pool comp. I didn’t know I was such a good pool player, you should have seen all the flukey shots I got in. Dave ended up winning and that was even more surprising. The prize was 25‘Thredbo dollars’, which can only be spent inhouse, so we all shared in some dessert. Outside it was freezing on the walk home with a spectacular full moon rising.


The ride down to Thredbo on Thursday was great except the wind started howling after about an hour and blew all day. Trying to stay upright and not weave all over the road was tiring and amusing at times. I saw Kevin look like he was swerving around a pothole, then I saw Dave do the same, then I did the same too. Then just for fun the wind seemed to switch from south to north but still cold, whatever.

The next day we set off for the coast, our third day and it was still only Saturday. There was lots of discussion on which road to take and decided on Mt Darragh to Pambula. So much scenery to look at so just cruising along is good, first there was snowcapped mountains, then beautiful forest and on to the coast and a stop for lunch.


Ulladulla was our stop for the night and I even had a swim in the sea pool, for a change the water was rather warm. Home again in the morning and lots of different paths were chosen depending on whether people wanted to get home quickly or not. Grandpa and I decided on the scenic route from Nowra through Nerriga which is becoming a very popular bike stop. We were having a lovely ride when Kevin started pointing at his bike and went in front. He pulled up and said it was missing and stopping. Bugger, my bike had been fixed since the recall but not his yet and look where we are, right in the middle of nowhere and probably no phone reception. It kept going well enough until we got passed Mittagong, then stopped completely. Now what. Bloody BMW crap. Of course he had to investigate, so out comes the tools and guess what! The one of the battery leads had come off. Well we can fix that and finally made it home. Oh and my front forks started leaking oil, so off to the bike shop next week.


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