Happy birthday Grandpa

What a weekend Grandpa has had. Saturday morning we went up to the Blue Mountains to look at his next car, a pretty blue MG. It is a perfect restoration, better than new. Sunday he had some work in the morning, which really means playing with and looking at more old cars. In the afternoon, some friends were taking their ski boat for a test run down the river and asked would we like to come, yes please!


The days are getting very hot and summery but it was much nicer in the afternoon. The Hawkesbury River is a favourite for water skiers and can get pretty busy but lots of people and boats had left by the time we got there. We don’t do motor boats much or water ski so it was a new experience.

The area around Windsor is pretty old and was settled very early on with the river used to transport food to Sydney, so it has a lot of history and old buildings set back to avoid the floods. Now it is mainly ski parks and a mixture of small shacks and mansions lining the river.

When we got back it was time for a picnic of prawns and beer. Happy days and great to have friends with more boy toys.



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