Girder Fork Rally

Every year, well nearly every year, we missed 2014 as I was still having radiation treatment, we go to the Girder Fork Rally in Cooma. What is a girder fork you ask? I can’t really explain, except to say, that is what most old bikes built up to 1930’s had on the front end. Google it and you will get the picture.

AJS 350

My 1928 AJS has a girder fork and not much else. One cylinder, one spark plug, a magneto and three gears (hand change). No lights, not much brakes and the only suspension is in the seat. She’s a wee ripper, nothing to go wrong and not much does.

To start it, you retard the spark, ‘tickle’ the carby i.e. flood it, then kick it and it usually goes first time, or second. I sound pretty cool huh?

So on this weekend we just cruise around the Monaro plains and stop somewhere for morning tea and then for lunch and look at what snow is left on the mountains, then go for dinner on Saturday night and do it again on Sunday, then go home. Great weekend!

Grandpa’s Douglas kept going all weekend as well, so nothing to do in the shed when we get home.


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