Great North Walk #2


This week I did another section of the Great North Walk  from Patonga to Wondabyne. The National Parks run these walks doing each section as a day walk guided by volunteers. This was section number 8 and through a very pretty part of the bush just north of Sydney.


Being on the other side of Sydney meant that I had to leave bright and early to meet the group at 7.15am. Trackwork on the train line north meant that we had to catch a bus to Woy Woy and then taxi to Patonga making our start time later. The guide was very gentle but persistent in keeping us moving so that we would finish still at the right time to catch the train back to Hornsby. Our finishing point, Wondabyne, is a special place with no road, the only transport is by water and the train line where you have to signal the train driver to stop.


The day started nice and cool with a bit of misty rain as we headed north. It gradually cleared a little by the time we started walking. Springtime meant that there was no shortage of wildflowers blooming and finally saw some spectacular waratahs, boronia and banksia. Our first look out was over Barrenjoey lighthouse.

Looking to Barrenjoey

Looking to Barrenjoey


The walk was mostly on fire trails which made for easy walking and plenty of room to chat to other walkers.


We could see Mt Wondabyne in the distance and our walk would take us up and around it so we could see it from many angles. Then we had lunch on top with 360⁰ views and watched a helicopter practising with a water bucket most probably in anticipation of the bushfire season. We passed a few aboriginal sites where you could see stone grinding grooves in the rocks. The creeks had water in them and I spied a few leeches, one in particular when I was having a wee, very disconcerting indeed.



Kariong Creek was so picturesque with a little waterfall and very cool for an afternoon stop. The walk down to the train station at Wondabyne was very shady and refreshing after our long walk. The trip back was magical with the biggest full moon already up while the sun was going down, following the waters edge and having a snooze before driving home again.

I am really keen to continue and will let you know about the next instalment of the Great North Walk.


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