A new adventure

Grandpa and I have been seeing how many miles we can clock up on our motorbikes. The aim was to get 100,000 kms on both bikes before we updated. Well, we made it to 80,000 kms and we have decided to take the plunge and go for broke. My Suzuki SV650 is 11 years old and if I want to keep on riding until I grow old gracefully I agreed that I need a new bike now. Grandpa’s Moto Guzzi might make it but fickle Italian electronics might not last the distance, though it does have a new, super expensive clutch in it now, and he is always on the lookout for something new.

The Guzzi and Suzuki

The Guzzi and Suzuki

So tomorrow is super exciting. We go to pick up two brand spanking new BMW 650GS.

The last few years too many things have got in the way of riding BUT 2016 is going to be the year for our BIG ride around Australia. It will be a matter of how quick we can do it with limited leave from work. The map is usually out on the table, but now we have the big map and have an outline of which way we will go, anti-clockwise.


The GS is the adventure model, so now we can take all the dirt roads and see more along the way. On second thought, 6 weeks might not be long enough after all. We will never be ready to join the grey nomads with their big rigs but we have our 4WD motorbikes instead.

We have done some travelling so know what it is like to travel and set up camp each day. The day we can’t put up a tent we know will be the time to stay at home. We are just looking forward to taking each day as it comes and seeing the sky way out west at night with all the stars all the way down to the horizon. Magic.

Different times in our lives we have travelled by different means. With our two older kids in a BMW R100/RS and sidecar through Queensland, Victoria and South Australia in 1980’s. We had fun, not sure if the kids really knew where we were sometimes. One time in the middle of Queensland on some little road, Kevin stops the bike and the kids ask ‘Why did we stop?’ he says ‘Oh no, we’ve broken down’. That was really cruel. In 2000 we went to Birdsville for the races in 1928 Chevrolet tourer with our youngest daughter and then in 2003 right across Australia’s southern coast and return from Monkey Mia directly East through the centre in 1926 Oldsmobile tourer, 5,000 miles on dirt road. After that we know we can do anything. Going in a normal car doesn’t count. It has to be a real adventure.

So now the real fun can begin. For the next 12 months we get to plan our big adventure and dream. But first I have to learn to ride a new motorbike.


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