Grandma takes a road trip (plus the two daughters, five grandkids and a puppy(and a rooster))

Roadtrips are fun, they can be exciting, they can be tiring and they can be downright mayhem. Two years ago we all went on a roadtrip to visit my son, the girls brother and grandkids uncle and his wife in Victoria. We can drive there in one day and leave ourselves more time for visiting we thought. How silly was that!

Five kids in two cars aged from 4 months to 5 years for 14 hours!!! We must have had rocks in our heads.


This time, we would take longer and the kids were all older so it would be fine, oh and Lisa had just got a new puppy a few days ago, so we couldn’t leave him behind. Yes, it was easier, but this old grandma is still glad she had her kids 30 years ago. Winter is probably not the most sensible time to go south but it suits the dairyfarmer and he lives closer to the snow than we do. We didn’t have to go far to see our first snow this time, the lunch stop at Nimmitabel saw snow left from the previous night in the shade. That was pretty exciting.









We had a nice night at Marlo and didn’t realise how tired everyone was until my alarm went off at 8am the next morning and everyone was still sound asleep. We had a quick play in the sand beside the Snowy River before we set off for Trafalgar. The next day we were off to Mt Baw Baw and it looked likely that there may be some snow. We hired snow gear and set off. On the way Matilda’s first baby tooth fell out. It had been wiggling for a while and we thought it would take a bit longer to fall out. When we arrived, 50 metres up the hill, I am pretty sure it was snowing and there were some little icy bits falling on us. Last time we were there, this grandma was too scared to jump onto the toboggan. This time, I was keen, I didn’t even drag my feet all that way down and was aiming for the bumps, of course the 5 and 6 year olds were off on their own. Then we built a snowman and threw lots of snowballs.

















The next day was pony rides all round. Narelle organised for ‘Alice’ to come and get all the treatment. Little Reuben was the only one who didn’t get to enjoy a ride. Maybe next time.









Little by little we all succumbed to a stomach virus, just when Mark was getting excited about watching the ‘State of Origin’ with his sister again. We didn’t miss much, New South Wales got walloped. Thursday was a very quiet day. Being a sick dairyfarmer must be the loneliest thing. I would have offered to help but I spent all day dozing on the couch.

Friday was time to head home again. An overnight stay at Eden made to trip home more manageable. Oh, and one last thing, a new silkie rooster was picked up to join Lisa’s flock which made the menagerie in the car complete.


The car has been cleaned out and the washing done. Monday was back to work and a bit of a rest compared to the last week. Maybe in two years time I will be ready to do it again. It is such a fabulous way to get to know your grandkids but, phew.


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