I think a little introduction is needed as to what this blog will be about. This is for my benefit as well as yours. This is my blog about all the goings on in my life. Whether I am motorcycling, bushwalking, travelling around, working full time or at home gardening, cooking or playing with the grandkids.

Life has a way of passing us by and trying to get the most out of it can be hard. You wait for the right time to do this or start that and before you know it some other new scheme has popped into your head and you never seem to finish (or start) anything. After a hellish year in 2014, my mantra for 2015 is “no excuses”. Now this does not mean that I have to do everything and I will never make an excuse, like, ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘there is never enough money/time to do that’ but rather that if there is something that I have really decided that I WILL do, then any excuse that I think is in my way, I will find a way to work around it.

For example, I have thought for a long time that writing a blog would be great. So, what has stopped me? For one thing, well my life is pretty boring, so what would be the point of boring people with my little doings and thoughts. Secondly, what would I call a blog that would describe and encapsulate parts of my life that I would want to share.

So today while bushwalking, I was mulling this over, thinking about all the important things in my life and what brings me joy, and yes, that was it, just getting out and about. There are so many things I like to do that I would never describe myself in only one word, or even multiple labels. People who describe themselves along the lines of – a vegetarian, feminist, musician are really limiting themselves I think. To answer my first point, you will just have to judge for yourself if my life is boring or not or whether it is worth sharing. Hopefully it will not be too long in between interesting happenings that I can talk about. Stay tuned to find out what is next on the agenda.


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